Ela, Pampa & Stella

Ela, Stella & Pampa..the new 2020 collections are in!


The Ela collection measures on average 4.5" in length and is an extremely light weight earring because of the materials used  This earring is a NEW collection for 2020 and is also an entry level priced piece when comparing in size to our Alegra collection

Stella is our new 2020 handmade statement earring available in Star or Heart shaped forms! Extremely light, extremely eye catching and part of our entry level collection! This earring is so much fun to wear and will add a pop of edge to any outfit!

The Pampa collection is a new 2020 handmade statement earring which is a part of our new entry level priced pieces. Handmade in Latin America, we designed this line for anyone who loves to create a statement! Pampa is composed of beads and crystals, offering a unique shine (some pieces include tassels). Not only is it a beautiful statement piece however it is also extremely light. Our statement earrings are each hand embroidered and are carefully crafted, one stitch and stone at a time. All our earrings are clip-on's!