Rental Policy

Enjoy the flexibility and ease of selecting and trying different pieces for any upcoming event/s!! Welcome to our Rental selection! Find a selection of our products now for Rent, ranging in all sizes and styles so you can now 'try' our earrings!! Now for the first time you can get an idea, in person, how they look and feel without committing to a purchase your not sure about! 

How it works:

1. Select your choice of earring from our Rent Me section

2. Select the dates you wish to rent said product (you have up to 30 days)

3. Fee is 25% of the product cost + $5

4. A 50 % deposit (of product cost) will be held

5. Product must be returned on or before the last day selected (a return label will be sent from rock + bone once rental is made).

6. Once product is returned and received, you will receive your deposit.

7. However, if product is:

a. not returned by due date,

b. returned with any damages,

3. not returned at all 

then the full deposit will be charged!

8. If you decide to keep the product you will only be charged the rental fee + the deposit. You will not be charged the full price of the item nor any other fee! You therefore save +25% on the full price!


If you have any questions please email us at