rock + bone handmade statement earrings Alegra Evil Eyes

rock + bone handmade statement earrings Alegra Evil Eyes

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The Alegra collection is our classic original handmade statement earring that started it all! Handmade in Latin America, we designed this line for anyone who loves to create a statement! Alegra is composed of different materials and colors, making our earrings truly unique and special. Our statement earrings are each hand embroidered and are carefully crafted, one stitch and stone at a time. All our earrings are clip-on's!

The Alegra Evil Eye collection comes in different tones and has different finishes such as beads, pompoms, tassels, etc. Legend has it that the evil eye is a good luck charm used to ward off bad luck. Any way you SEE it, we think it's SO CUTE! 


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