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florencia davalos

Florencia Dávalos is a slow fashion brand based in Ecuador founded in 2014, by Florencia Dávalos. Its mission is to transmit emotions, personalities and embrace all body types. Working along dopamine dressing allows them to be a feeling wear brand. Its Ecuadorian heritage has inspired Florencia Dávalos to create cheerful and versatile designs.

Throughout the years the brand has contributed its community by generating work for several workers and suppliers, with the goal of empowering women and their community. Furthermore, its creative process links their heritage with the appropriate research to obtain the theme of the collection, patterns, colors, shapes, etc. Their differentiating point is the uniqueness behind their designs and their ability to connect and transmit the customer personality and emotions (feeling-wear).

Florencia Dávalos invests into quality over quantity therefore they commit to deliver high- end products, along with iconic garments. In addition, they work to create a change on the fashion industry, where producers and consumers are united by a common goal of creating awareness of the impact of the Fashion Industry in the world.

Florencia Davalos is also a zero-waste brand, meaning they do not generate any textile waste in their production. Every garment, fabric, material is put to use.

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