Fashion crazed since I can recall - I have always believed in keeping true to oneself and to me that means NOT following the herd! Because our designs are hand-made, each piece is unique and made just for you! No two earrings are the exact same and that makes our selection diverse and special!

We strive on a 'Limited Edition' collection in all our pieces as we believe you are a limited edition! We therefore carry a limited stock on each piece, sometimes just one, yet we offer limitless choices for the different woman role you represent everyday!

The brand was born from pure passion. We like to draw outside of the box. We strive to be different and to stand out. We are unique and one-of-a-kind. We want our earrings to turn heads. With the use of different materials ,shapes and colors we create beautiful, hand-embroidered statement earrings that will surely get attention.

Our brand strives on three important factors:  weight, uniqueness and craftsmanship. By use of special techniques and finishes we take it one stitch and stone at a time!  

All our earrings are designed and inspired by myself, hand-stitched to perfection and handmade with love in Latin America. I think by creating a product that is truly unique and in itself different than every other item we make, we have created something truly special, truly personal and truly yours.  

The meaning. 'Rock' represents the different materials used to create our statement pieces; from the stones and the beads, the charms and the pompoms, to the stitching and the leather. 'Bone' is the very beginning. Every design stems from a drawing, a sketch, an inspiration or a mood. You begin with your 'skeleton', your empty canvas, a blank thought or a feeling. It can be something as simple as a color and a shape or as complex as a fabric and a material. We then build our masterpiece.

I hope you enjoy our pieces as much as we enjoy making them,

Alejandra from Rock + Bone